Starchart Map Server

About Starchart...

Starchart is a collection of programs for making maps of the sky from an electronic database of more than 250,000 celestial objects. These programs were written by Craig Couterman and Alan Paeth, of the University of Warerloo, and are currently maintained by Guillaume Filion. The PHP interface used here was written by Alan W. Rateliff, II.

To make a custom map of your favorite patch of sky, set the options below to specify the direction, scale and detail of the map and press the Request Chart button at the bottom of the form. To get a detailed description of the meanings of these options, click on the title of the option or here for the entire overview. Charts my be generated in PNG B&W, PNG Color, PostScript, Adobe PDF, or ASCII (recommended for Lynx users) format.

Automatic View of Constellation
Manual View Parameters

Right Ascension:
Hours (HH.MM) (0.00 - 24.00)
Degrees (0.00 - 360.00)
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( +0.00 to 180.00 degrees )
Limiting Mangitudes

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Chart Layout

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